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dbox Digital-outputEverything I describe here relates to the Mediamaster 9200, 9500 and 9600 as well as to the d-box available until december 1999. From here on the new d-box 2 was sold.

Most important for the d-box is changing the software from the original to DVB2000, for the best use of the box. For Hifi-Freaks the activated S/P-DIF Output at the CRYSTAL-Chip is worth all the trouble. On the right picture you can see the easy connection. The +5V and GND are available at the SMD capacitor right beside the chip. In newer boxes you find the CS4922, in older ones the CS4920.

digital outputDer TOTX176 hat eine Kunststofflasche mit Bohrung, so dass man ihn direkt am Gehäuse festschrauben kann, der TOTX173 ist die Printversion.

TOTX178 AnschlussbildTOTX178 eingebautThe TOTX176 has a plastic hole for panel mounting, the TOTX173 is the print version.

You can also use the cheaper TOTX178 (left pictures), but the optic wire should not exceed 5m - the both other ones (173 and 176) can drive up to 10 meters. The connection is much easier: three wires ("signal" to CS49xx Pin 5) - ready. You should connect a 100nF capacitor between GND and +5V at the TOTX178 (see the little dark yellow part). Also it should work without it, unpredictable flailures by oscillations could happen.
By the way, the name TOTX derives from Toshiba/Toslink and Transmitter (there is also a TORX, the receiver).
I removed the modem and the new output fits best into that hole. And I extended the BDM connector to the outside (no need to).
The Sampling frequency of the digital broadcasters is normally 48 kHz, but some radios also use 44.1 kHz. With an MD-Recorder you can record everything. A DAT-Recorder has no problems with 44.1 kHz but could prohibit other emissions - then the sampling frequency status bits don't correspond with the real frequency or the DAT does not "like" the Category Code. More about this in the next chapter.

Dolby Digital Since summer 2001 even AC-3 is running! Uli made it that we can listen AC-3 sound by using the above described digital output and an amplifier capable of Dolby Digital. Therefore he modified the microcode of the CS4920/CS4922!

Unfortunately the 4920/4922 data sheets are no longer available on the Crystal server, so you can download them here.
Adobe Acrobat FormatData Sheet CS4920A (as ZIP file, 850 kByte)
Data Sheet CS4922 (as ZIP file, 1985 kByte)
Application Note CS4920, MPEG messages (as ZIP-File, 231 kByte)

About Uli's software DVB2000

DVB LogoThe normal BD/BR software can't satisfy anyone, what cheek! In times before DVB2000 one often replaced it with pleasure against the so called "Dream V5.1", also known as "FTA 1.0", being nothing else than the original Mediamaster 9200 soft having finally teletext with many functions, listen to packet radios, single PID input, support of 8 LNBs, more than 431 programs and a fast reaction remote control.

Much more interesting is the project of Uli from Berlin: he wrote a complete new software in assembler, the DVB98 further developed to DVB 2000. Who ever programmed once this way knows what Uli has been working on.
There are so much functions implemented, you never thought of in your dreams - so it's worth making a long test! Here at Micha_R you can find more infos about the DVB2000 and a download link.
There won't be any more software updates
Sadly, Uli did not think of future problems with the AC3 stream, if a timecode is inserted, so the AC3 sound is muted on almost every emission. But an amiable man wrote a small patch for the DVB2000 versions from 2.0, correcting this shortage! It works perfect, many thanks to the Unknown.

DVB2k InfoInfos about DVB2000 software you find at Skydiver. Also the firmware change is illustrated in detail and there is a comprehensive board provided. Great site!

1 19.2° East Astra 0V In my settings you find the most important services of the satellites listed beside, but they will be serviced only from time to time...
Download settings from 2007/04/13 as ZIP-File (24 kByte).

A good point of reference for settings is DX-Andy.
2 13° East Hotbird 0V
3 28.2° East Astra2 / Eurobird 0V
4 23° East Astra 3 0V

Register values for XMTCN in DVB2000

from V1.81.7 :   menu - 9 - 4 - 4
from V2.00.0 :   menu - 9 - 3 - 4

(XMTCN = Digital Audio Transmitter Control Register)
Here you find i.e. some test bits and the Digital Output can be activated.

Bit-# 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Validity User Map DAC I/O: XMT responds to TX Output Read Channel Status Mode Block Start Test Modes
Values     0 XMT data reg.
1 XMT data reg. + DAC output
0 disabled
1 enabled
0 once per block
1 after each 16 subframes
  000 Test Modes

Uli's default value was 0168 for this register.
On the DVB2k-Board there was a discussion about this value and most interesting there is a DAC in an amplifier that works only if the Validity-Bit is set to "0"...

binär0000 0001 0110 1000
hex (for menu input)0168

Register values for XMTCS (MP2 and AC3) in DVB2000

from V1.81.7 :   menu - 9 - 4 - 5   and   menu - 9 - 4 - 6
from V2.00.0 :   menu - 9 - 3 - 5   and   menu - 9 - 3 - 6

(XMTCS = Digital Audio Transmitter Channel Status Register)
If you have digital recording problems you can try to adjust the most important digital stream values in DVB2000 (from V1.81.7 on), so that they match with the real values. The chip is not able to convert the sampling frequency!
Since V1.84.x these sampling frequency values are set automatically by Uli.

Bit-# 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Sampling Frequency Generation Category Code Emphasis Copy Audio Profi
Values 00   44.1 kHz
10   48 kHz
11   32 kHz
0   first gen.
1   original
0000000   General
1000000   Experimental
0000010   PCM
0010010   Mixer
0011010   SRC
0100010   Sampler
0000011   DAT
0001011   VCR Audio
1000011   DCC
0001101   Microphone
0000101   Synthesizer
000   no
001   yes
0   prohibited
1   allowed
0   digital
1   non
0   consumer
1   professional
0   original
1   first gen.
0000001   CD
1001001   MD
0001100   DSR

menu-9-4My MP2 default recommendation:
48 kHz, original, category DAT, no emphasis, copy allowed,
digital audio, consumer mode

In AC3 mode I did not change the default A0C7, which works very well with my SONY amplifier, to A086. There are amp's that like to see the audio bit on non-audio and/or the category code on PCM. Have a try!

binary1010 0000 1100 01001010 0000 1000 0110

Remote Control keys for hex input

hex valued-boxMediamaster
Dvol +vol +
Evol -vol -
"Mediamaster" is a registered trademark of Nokia
"d-box" is a registered trademark of betaresearch
"Dolby(tm) and the double-D symbols(tm)" are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

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