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SuperBeta SL-HF950 PAL/Secam
  SONY SuperBeta SL-HF950

My first VCR was a 1983 Betamax SL-C9, followed by the legendary SuperBeta SL-HF950ES, due to my opinion, the best (analogue) VCR ever built for the European market.
After a short time a SL-HF150 Hifi machine joined my Beta-Team. Meanwhile I own also an SL-F35, the super flat non-Hifi from the last generation of the 90ies. In times of hard disk recording, these devices are used only sporadic. But is was a great time with these machines!
Beta Cassette The Beta System is not dead - it's alive, it's immortal! This prove the following links, worth to be visited:


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updated: 2020-11-08