Webcam live pictures from a great tit nestbox
and a blue tit nestbox in Koenigsbronn

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Diary great tit nestbox:c
(Older entries are listed here!)
2018/04/09 - For the first time no great tit at home tonight
2018/04/11 - Starting nest-building
2018/04/17 - from today no over night great tit, but still sometimes here during the day
2018/10/28 - Late after a warm summer and autumn, the first visit of a great tit in the nestbox! Temperature at night marginal above 0C
2019/03/20 - Some moss in the box, nest-building begins
2019/03/25 - A piece of wood from behind the entrance lies in the moss. The great tit doesn't make it alone to get it out, so I climbed the ladder and helped out
2019/04/08 - The first egg
2020/03/18 - Best spring weather, the great tit begins to carry moss into the nestbox
2020/04/07 - First egg
2020/04/09 - Two eggs
2020/04/18 - Nine eggs, breeding begin
2020/04/19 - Ten eggs
2020/04/28 - First fledglings
2020/04/29 - Five youngsters
2020/04/30 - Eight!
2020/05/11 - Very low temperatures with night frost
2020/05/12 - One young bird after the other dies. Because of the frostiness?
2020/05/14 - This night the last great tit dies...
2020/05/21 - A new nest!
2020/05/25 - First egg
2020/05/31 - Seven eggs
2020/06/11 - The first fledgling
2020/07/02 - Two young birds fledge in the early morning!
2020/08/13 - A great tit builds a new nest, quite late in the year I think
2020/09/10 - Sometimes the great tit is in the nestbox and stays over night
2020/10/03 - Since today the great tit stays over night regularly

    Diary blue tit nestbox:
    2018/04/14 - from today no over night great tit in the blue tit nestbox
    2018/11/01 - a great tit in the blue tit nestbox
    2019/03/22 - The first pieces of moss in the blue tit nestbox!
    2019/05/17 - Two young bird fledged, no over night guest in winter
    2020/04/01 - Great tits begin to build a nest, the narrow entrance doesn't bother them
    2020/04/07 - Since tonight the great tit stays over night
    2020/04/13 - Six eggs
    2020/04/15 - Eight eggs, breeding begin
    2020/04/26 - Two young birds
    27.04.2020 - Six young birds
    14.05.2020 - Four chicks fledge
    17.05.2020 - The other two ones are waiting and fledge today
    14.11.2020 - Since today a great tit stays over night in the nextbox

Hereinafter the both b/w live cameras, built in at the top of the nestboxes, more than 20 years old, work good with IR light. Connected to a small AXIS videoserver for the internet. and here some addational infos.

great tit nestbox blue tit nestbox (currently with great tits)
great tit nestbox For the presentation of the picture I use a script from Stefan Bion. By the way, during the last years he also transmitted the inside of the nestbox to the World.
The connection to the server is interrupted automatically after an hour to save traffic. Please reload the site to continue!
Javascript is necessary for broadcast. If i.e. NoScript, uMatrix or another scriptblocker is installed, the scripts for have to be allowed.
blue tit nestbox

Who "shows up", and when?

March to april: nest-building, great tit stays over night in the nestbox.
May: if you are lucky, breeding the eggs and fly out of the fledglings.
June to september: the nestbox is normally empty.
October to february: when it's getting noticable colder at night, a great tit spent the nights every year. When it dawns the bird "comes home", cleans its feathers and sleeps until sunrise.
garden environment around the nestboxes
This timetable is a quite good orientation. If the sky is clear the displayed sunset time matches with the homecoming of the great tit, mostly a bit later. If it's cloudy or even bad weather, often much earlier.

In a short movie is show how the last young bird survived in 2010. On 2010/05/29 it looks out of the nestbox, working up the courage to fly out. Slow motion shows quite good their flaps.
The movie is recorded with the nestbox-cam and a SONY HDR-HC9 HDV camcorder.

The next movie shows the activities in the nestbox 2014. On march 13 the nest-building begins and on 2014/05/12 nine young great tits fledge!
The movie is recorded with the nestbox-cam and a Panasonic HC-X929 AVCHD camcorder.

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